Top things to do in Cusco – Why you should visit Peru

Many tourists see Cusco as the highest representation of Peru. It contains so much culture, tradition and attractive views that captivate any traveler. If you want to spend some quality time accompanied by striking escorts, then this amazing city is your ideal destination. Discover the magic of this mystic land and delight of the most adventurous experiences.


Welcoming features of Cusco

Cusco offers you the chance to taste the original exquisite gastronomy of the country. Let your favorite French escort take you to the Plaza de Armas where you will have the chance to enjoy the corn tamale. It has been one of the most delicious specialties of the city for around 80 years.

At the San Pedro Market you can also delight on a dish called qapchi of mushrooms accompanied by a typical beverage known as chicha.

If you are looking for fun and party to have a great time surrounded by head-turning escorts, Cusco offers you many possibilities. You have arrived to the capital of the excitement. Therefore, prepare to enjoy the craziest adventures of your life until down.

There are options for all tastes. If you prefer a bar, you can choose between the Pisco Museum, the Cholos Craft Beers or the Norton Rat Tavern. If you want to enjoy a local music show, you can go to Ukukus.

Peru has more than 3000 religious festivals, and many of them are celebrated at Cusco. Ask your experienced French escort, who has probably visited this country before, to tell you about the most famous events. She will talk you about Corpus Christi, which takes place in June, and the Virgen del Carmen de Paucartambo festivity.

They are characterized for celebrations made with devotion, with lots of food and beer. Music is never missing, because orchestras play all the time.

Magical places that make Peru an ideal destination

Outside Cusco you can find landscapes of impressive beauty which invite you to discover new sensations. Let adventurous escorts like the ladies from Sexemodel take you to Sacsayhuaman, which is an Inca ceremonial fortress located at the north of the city.

The stones used on the construction of these terraces are among the largest used on any structure in pre-Hispanic America. These days, Peruvians celebrate the Inti Raymi on Sacsayhuaman. This is the annual Inca festival of the winter solstice.

Tambomachay is an archeological site that used to be destined to the cult of water and for the relaxation of the leader of Inca Empire. Your acquainted French escort will explain you how this structure consists on a series of aqueducts, channels and several cascades that run through the rocks.

An impressive feature of this construction is that from a main waterfall, the Incas created two secondary cascades which are exactly alike.

Puka Pukara is a fortress composed of great walls, terraces and stairways. Skilled escorts will tell you that it used to be part of the defensive structure of Cusco and of the Inca Empire in general. This construction has been named after the Quechua word which means “Red Fort”. It is due to the red color acquired by rocks during the twilight.

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