ProSolution Pills vs. Vimax

Vimax is one of the oldest and most used male enhancement pills on the market, and the number one rated sexual male enhancement pill for men. ProSolution, on the other hand, is not the oldest but also one of the trending and top male enhancement pills on the market. Both the tablets have been proven to be highly efficient, and it is not clear which one is the best. Below are some of their few differences which can help you to decide between the two.


Just as the name says it, ProSolution is one of the newest pills in the enhancement world with the unique elements like Solidilin and Drilizin. Vimax, on the other hand, contains the usual and most popular male enhancement ingredients found in most enhancement pills.

Mechanism of action


The ability to maintain a firm and long erection mainly depends on the consistent and smooth flow of blood to the penis. Vimax`s ingredients correctly solve this problem due to the pill`s ability to enhance male sex hormones production ability to increase the size of the penile chambers and furthermore it boosts your libido.


Unlike Vimax, ProSolution mainly depends on testosterone for its function. As we all know testosterone is a vital hormone in the male body especially when it comes to the male reproductive system.  Besides testosterone, ProSolution also facilitates the release of nitric oxide. Together with nitric oxide, testosterone helps to increase blood flow towards the penile chambers leading to, longer, harder and stronger erections. This has been proven, according to many ProSolution preclinical studies on their official website.


The pricing is the same for both pills; however, ProSolution can be expensive sometimes. Vimax has a 67 day Money back guarantee whereas ProSolution has only 60 days but has huge bonuses and discounts.


It would be unfair to give a straight judgment on the two male enhancers. The good news is they are all highly effective pills that leave up to their claims, according to some customer reviews. Effectiveness might differ with a person` body physiology. We recommend buying any of the two, if it doesn’t work, then you can opt for the other one.

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